Side Indicator Lighting

LED side indicator lights come in a variety of styles and position numbers.

We offer:

A commuter rail version visible to a distance of ¼ mile which accommodates long train sets
Delphi Weather Pack connector as well as other sealed connectors upon request
Modular versions intended for adjacent custom configuration placements
Ruggedized machined solid aluminum housing ready for painting or for anodizing to natural or black
Standardized LED internal drivers and LED modules that enable final housing configurations to be easily customized
Ability for maintenance to be done from exterior or interior of the vehicle
Optional flush lens for improved cleaning of the lens surface during car washing
Reverse polarity and transient spike protection
100,000-hr minimum continuous operation for an LED system
24-month warranty on LED fixtures
All fixtures as a system meet or exceed these standards:

APTA Normal Lighting Standard RP-E-012-99
APTA Emergency Lighting Standard SS-E-013-99 Rev 1
APTA Insulation Integrity Standard SS-E-001-98
APTA Attachment Strength Standard SS-C&S-006-98 Rev 1
NFPA 130:2010 Flame Smoke and Toxicity Standards

Click for diagramatic Exterior Red/Amber Indicator Lights spec sheet.

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