Reading Light

The high-powered LED produces 300 LUX @ 36” with 360º adjustability. This ensures that
light is cast onto the work surface, not onto the windshield or side glass.

We offer:

  • 20-95vdc operating range from the DC power supply through TDG’s Universal Driver
  • Produces 379 lux at 36” and 300 Lux Intensity at 30”
  • A dimmer control can be mounted on flange or remotely
  • ‘Night Vision’ mode version available
  • Several flange sizes or configurations
  • Black powder-coated painted finish
  • Reverse polarity and transient spike protection
  • 100,000-hr minimum continuous operation for an LED system
  • 24-month warranty on LED fixtures

All fixtures as a system meet or exceed these safety standards:

  • Will help locomotive meet 49 CFR 229.127 (b) requirements
  • APTA Emergency Lighting Standard SS-E-013-99 Rev 1
  • APTA Insulation Integrity Standard SS-E-001-98
  • APTA Attachment Strength Standard SS-C&S-006-98 Rev 1
  • NFPA 130:2010 Flame Smoke and Toxicity Standards

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