Main Lighting for New Builds

Main Lighting for New Builds

This main lighting solution for new builds adapts for ease of connection to TDG’s revolutionary Capacitive Storage system as well as ILCU and LCU based battery solutions for compliance to APTA-PR-E-S-013-99 Rev.1 (Formally APTA SS-E-013-99 Rev 1 ) “Standard for Emergency Lighting System Design for Passenger Rail Cars” & FRA 49 CFR Parts 238 and 239 Emergency Lighting Requirements. As well as APTA RT-S-VIM-020-08 “Standard for Emergency Lighting System Design for Rail Transit Vehicles”

We offer:

New LED or Fluorescent fixtures

  • 24, 28.5, 37.5 and 74, 110 vdc applications which are covered by a 10 – 95vdc & 50 – 130 vdc operating range on LED installations or dedicated leading technology electronic DC Ballasts
  • 110 – 240VAC systems in both LED and Fluorescent
  • Diffuser Technology lenses (for LED applications) or clear and translucent lens options
  • Reverse polarity and transient spike protection
  • Up to 200,000-hr continuous operation for an LED system, achieved by purposefully under-driving high-efficiency LEDs
  • 3-year warranty on the Lexekon Ballast product family
  • All fixtures as a system meet or exceed these safety standards:
  • APTA Normal Lighting Standard RP-E-012-99
  • APTA Emergency Lighting Standard SS-E-013-99 Rev 1
  • EN 13272 Railway Applications – Electrical Lighting for Rolling Stock in Public Transportation Systems
  • APTA Insulation Integrity Standard SS-E-001-98
  • APTA Attachment Strength Standard SS-C&S-006-98 Rev 1
  • NFPA 130:2010 Flame Smoke and Toxicity Standards
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