LED Vestibule Lighting

TDG offers a wide variety of vestibule rail lighting fixture solutions. They can be single-function LED or fluorescent replacements. Also, they can incorporate a lens-mounted spotlight utilizing TDG’s revolutionary Capacitive Storage system for self-contained emergency lighting.

We offer:

  • New LED or Fluorescent fixtures
  • 24, 28.5, 37.5, 74, 110 vdc applications which are covered by a 20-95VDC & 50 – 130VDC operating range on LED installations or dedicated leading technology electronic DC Ballasts
  • AC Versions available (110 – 220 VAC)
  • Rectangular or Round versions
  • Diffuser Technology lenses (for LED applications) or clear lenses
  • Reverse polarity and transient spike protection
  • 200,000-hr minimum continuous operation for an LED system, achieved by purposefully under-driving high-efficiency LEDs
  • 3-year warranty on the Lexekon Ballast product family

All fixtures as a system meet or exceed these safety standards:

  • APTA Normal Lighting Standard RP-E-012-99
  • APTA Emergency Lighting Standard SS-E-013-99 Rev 1
  • APTA Insulation Integrity Standard SS-E-001-98
  • APTA Attachment Strength Standard SS-C&S-006-98 Rev 1
  • NFPA 130:2010 Flame Smoke and Toxicity Standards

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