TDG is a global industry leader in building complete lighting systems for locomotive and rail passenger vehicles, inside and out. This includes light rail, heavy rail, rapid transit, and commuter rail.

TDG specializes in LED & OLED innovations, continually introducing new technology which then becomes the industry norm. We carry a full line of LED, fluorescent and halogen lighting. We draft specifications for a complete line of LED products for new car builds, retrofits or drop-ins. This means we’ll easily adapt to fit your whole range of old and new rail and locomotive vehicles.

TDG is the industry leader in capacitive storage technology for evacuation and emergency LED lighting. You’ll experience easy installation, fast recharging, long product life, and continued operation in the worst situations possible.We offer a complete line of lighting controller systems for both interior and exterior systems.

TDG is fully conversant with safety standards through active membership in committees for the American Public

Transportation Association (APTA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). In fact, we were invited to participate as key of the Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Emergency Lighting Standards. As well as being fully conversant in EN requirements and most global rail requirements for lighting.

Our clients are assured we meet or exceed explicit and full compliance with current standards. And we have clear insight into future safety trends.
As a design to build company we have the flexibility to design global lighting solutions which can be created to meet and exceed a number of global lighting standards.

TDG stands out in engineering and building all products internally and on-site — from LED light engines or fluorescent ballasts, through to final assembly of the complete fixture.

This raises the bar on expertise, flexibility, and product availability. This results in developing complete lighting solutions which meet the performance targets required by our Customers.


TDG has been presenting innovative lighting solutions to the rail industry since 1989.

We began by supplying lighting systems for refurbishment. We became experts in retrofits and drop-in replacement fixtures for units deemed obsolete or no longer supported.

We have excelled at introducing new technologies to rail and transit products. For example, we were the first to install LED main lighting in commuter cars in 2003.

TDG released cutting-edge capacitive storage technology in 2006. This put a whole new face on LED emergency lighting systems in passenger rail and locomotive vehicles.

Having acquired Lexekon Electronics in 2011 for the design and build of LED light engines and fluorescent ballasts. Thus, allowing us to adapt to clients’ needs right from the start of the process.

With the introduction of Organic LED lighting (OLED) into rail in 2015 we continue in the spirit of innovation that has grown our company.
Now with nearly a million LED drivers in service within the rail industry globally, We continue to evolve and innovate the way advanced LED lighting and circuit technology should be.