LED Lighting: Robust, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly

Transit Design Group (TDG) offers customized and innovative solutions for both interior and exterior lighting systems for the global rail industry.
With LED drivers in service since 1999 and an LED main lighting system in service since 2003 TDG has over 100,000 hours of actual in car performance from its systems, TDG offers one of the most industry proven designs on the market today.

There are nearly a million TDG LED drivers in service globally in the rail industry. With some of our current generation systems offering over 200,000 hours of operation and operating at an energy savings of up to 80% when compared to existing incandescent and fluorescent options we provide a low maintenance and green option for either new or retrofit designs. These solution allow us to work with our end customer to strive for fuel, electricity, or maintenance savings.
With the introduction of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) commercially over a decade ago to the global market and their introduction as a light source into the rail industry as a lighting source by TDG in 2015 the future of lighting has never been brighter.
The future will be lighter, thinner, and offer more dynamic solutions for the lighting industry that TDG strives to be at the forefront of.



Our proprietary polycarbonate lens formulation also offers a “light box” effect with LED systems eliminating the “hot spots” and “zebra striping” which can occur with other LED systems while still meeting the industry’s most stringent Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity requirements.


TDG products are industry proven and designed for the rail industry by designers and engineers in the rail industry. We strive to meet the highest global quality standards to assure a high quality and low maintenance product with every delivery.


TDG designs many of its lighting systems to operates beyond 200,000 hours with efficiency as low as 2W per foot of main lighting while still meeting many global rail standards for normal light level requirements


Since 1989 TDG has worked almost exclusively in the rail industry working with builders and railroads to meet a number of Global rail standards for illumination, durability, and performance.